AWE Assessment Series—Analyzing Andrew Cuomo’s Press Conference

Which leadership style do you think encourages the most creative, innovative, energetic, determined thinking and problem solving? Which will elicit a strong sense of duty and commitment, the kind that sustains teams even when the stakes and expectations are high and the road gets rough? 

You get that kind of performance and dedication by delivering authority with warm output that conveys authenticity, humility, empathy, and vulnerability. But sometimes your best intentions—efforts to alleviate fears or show control in a tense situation—can be communicated poorly, even misconstrued.

Following the first installment of the AWE Assessment series, in which I broke down Kevin Durant’s 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player acceptance speech, I wanted to share another video that, sadly, remains as timely as ever. 

Here is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference following a night of unrest in New York City. As you’ll see, what was intended to be an authentic, honest message of leadership, may have been better delivered.

This video, and this series, is dedicated to helping you perfect your own AWE (A—Authority, W—Warmth, E—Energy), designed to offer you an insider’s look on effective elements of a speech and those not-so-effective. 

Watch the video as many times as it takes to truly absorb the communication strategies being leveraged in this press conference. Each installment of the AWE Assessment series is meant to offer a new learning experience for anyone trying to enhance their AWE and obtain real results in their next meeting or presentation. Enjoy!

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