AWE Assessment Series—Breaking Down Kevin Durant’s MVP Speech

Over the past two decades, AWE (A—Authority, W—Warmth, E—Energy) has become the prism through which I observe, assess, coach, and grow every single one of my clients. I listen for it when we’re analyzing recordings of their voice, and I look for it while observing them perform simulated interviews, meetings, or sales calls. 

In that same spirit, I have begun a video series breaking down exceptional and effective speeches (along with some not-so spectacular ones), so I can better help you on the path to perfecting your own AWE.

The first installment of this series, which I’m calling the AWE Assessment series, features Kevin Durant’s 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player acceptance speech—an address so moving and powerful for its display of raw emotion. 

Watch it, share it, even watch it again. Whatever you do, I urge you to carefully follow along to understand and recognize the communication strategies employed in this amazing and impactful speech. Once you begin to see the real purpose and intention utilized, you can try to implement some of these same actions in your next meeting or presentation. Enjoy!

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