AWE - thority

Steve Herz can help you and your team build their level of ​AWE-THORITY and AWE-WARENESS through the following services:

Executive Coaching

Working in a one-on-one setting with clients including CEOs, doctors, and lawyers, Steve customizes his training to develop the leadership & communication skills necessary for top level executives to be successful.

Training Includes:
  • 1-on-1 training with executives, focusing on tangible takeaway action items
  • Strategic planning based on executives’ current skill level
  • Goal setting
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports

Group Training

Steve has always firmly believed that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” While often overlooked in the grand schemes of business plans, the everyday employee is the engine that drives companies.

Steve improves corporate morale by cultivating the communication skills of every company’s greatest asset-the employee. Working with clients from banks to law firms, Steve tailors his training to the needs of the company and focuses on building the skills that will improve performance in the workplace.

Previous group coaching sessions have been “The Three Keys to Leaving Everyone You Meet in AWE,” “Communicating a Corporate Message,” “Building a Brand is Like Building a House,” “How to Network Without Really Trying,” and “Never Take Yes for an Answer.”

Training Includes:
  • Interactive group sessions
  • Training of team members on the importance of being effective communicators
  • Demonstrations of authority, warmth, and energy, and how these traits can improve both the company’s bottom line and the employee on a person level
  • Lessons on the importance of strong communication, personal branding, professionalism, and networking

Keynote & Speaking Engagements

Steve has learned that even good communicators need help to become great while coaching some of the world’s best broadcasters over the last 20 years.

Steve works with those who are planning to give presentations in front of audiences–covering everything from keynote presentations to best man speeches.

Training Includes:
  • Demo speaking presentations in front of a mock audience to receive feedback
  • Coaching on being precise and tailoring a message
  • Lessons on how to work a room